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Ep 52 - The Hustle Of A Social Enterprise Power Couple

What does it mean to be a Social Entrepreneur? In this episode, Ronster chats with power couple Mark and Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, co-founders of Rags2Riches to discuss the hustle of being a Social Entrepreneur in the Philippines. They dabble on the beginnings of the brand they had built together sparked by the artisans of Payatas, and discussed how they made their business work despite sacrificing profitability, and how they tackled investments to spearhead their journey. They shared their motivations, biggest failures, and key learnings while also sharing how they have managed to work together as husband and wife for 12 years. This episode is powered by Payoneer, and is a proud affiliate of Podcast Network.

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Ep 51- The Hustle After a Startup Acquisition

What happens after a startup is acquired? In this episode, Ronster chats with Jeffrey Siy of and Christian Blanquera of Openovat to talk about their experiences of having their startups acquired by the Sterling Paper Group. They discussed shared their journey on how they hustled separately and eventually teaming up to build Jeffrey, Christian, and Ronster all discuss what happens during a startup acquisition and gives a behind-the-scenes insight on what happens when your company eventually becomes acquired, as well as how to become a better leader to your company when the acquisition has been made. 

This episode is powered by Payoneer and is a proud affiliate of Podcast Network.

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Ep 50- The Hustle behind Potato Corner

The hustle behind the Philippines' most famous french fries is truly exhilarating. In celebration of our 50th episode, Ronster chats with Jose Magsaysay Jr., Chairman Emeritus of the internationally known flavored french fries business, Potato Corner. Jo Mag openly shares how he started out his career washing dishes and sweeping floors at Wendy's and how he was able to learn key skills that enabled him to master franchising as a business model. Jo Mag also discusses how he was able to level up his entrepreneurial skills through an MBA he took that eventually allowed him to scale Potato Corner globally. Jo Mag will also share tons of learnings that he acquired in his illustrious career in this unbelievable episode brought to you by Payoneer.

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Ep 49 - The Hustle behind Getting into Y Combinator

What does it take to get your startup to be accepted into Y Combinator? In this episode, Ronster chats with Francis Plaza, CEO of PayMongo, who openly shares the beginnings of his love for tech, as well as his humbling experiences being in the tech industry for majority of his life. He discusses his early hustle on how he was able to study in MIT in college. Francis also share how he and his co-founders started PayMongo and how they joined and was accepted into YC. This episode is also filled with amazing advice for those who see themselves in those institutions, and those who have equally big dreams in changing the tech startup community in the Philippines. This episode is powered by Payoneer and is a proud affiliate of Podcast Network.

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