Ep 53 - The Hustle Behind Dragonpay

 Being a hustler comes with taking a lot of chances. In this episode, Ronster chats with Dick Chiang, CEO and Founder of Dragonpay, who shares how he changed his career path entirely by taking a chance on computer science, and how he eventually headed his first ISP business before and after its acquisition. Other than sharing the genesis and development of his side hustle--Dragonpay--, and all the struggles that came along running his creation alone, he also shares his motivations which propelled him to take a chance on his side hustle, which eventually became his claim to fame. This episode is powered by Payoneer and is an affiliate of Podcast Network.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. Dragonpay

  2. Babson College

  3. Floppy Disk

  4. Citibank

  5. Client Server

  6. Mozcom

  7. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  8. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  9. AirAsia

  10. The Pursuit of Happyness (2007)

  11. PayEasy

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