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Ep 9 - The Hustle Of A Filipina Ecosystem Builder

Building an ecosystem for startups to thrive in is something that is not easy to make. In this episode, Ronster talks to Katrina Chan, the Director of QBO. They discussed the early stages of her career in how she hustled to qualify into one of the most prestigious schools in the country, also on how she studied in the US. Kat also discussed the start of her career and how QBO almost never happened. 

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Ep 4 - The Hustle Of Incubating Innovation

In this very rare interview, Ronster was able to chat with Earl Valencia, Co-Founder of the Ideaspace Foundation. In this episode, they discuss how Earl started his hustle from being an aspiring astronaut to becoming a student in Boston University. Earl also talks about his journey in Ideaspace and the reason he went back to the US to prepare himself to help the Philippines in the very near future.

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