Ep 6 - The Hustle Of A Serial Entrepreneur

Did you ever think about how serial entrepreneurs manage having multiple businesses at the same time? In this episode, Ronster sits down with RJ Ledesma to talk about how he manages running multiple businesses like Mercato Centrale, a hosting career and a TV career all at the same time! They also discuss key learnings that RJ was able to gather while being exposed to so many entrepreneurs. RJ also drops a very big surprise in this episode that can benefit you if you have a budding food business.

Links mentioned in this episode: 


  1. Bright Ideas Show

  2. Power Mornings

  3. Mercato Centrale

  4. EnterPH

  5. Easy Franchise

  6. Asymmetric Information

  7. Eatigo

  8. Beepbeep.ph

  9. Comedy Writing Secrets

  10. Metabolic Rebooting Diet

  11. GoNegosyo

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