Ep 7 - The Hustle From Radio DJ To Burger Empire

What is the connection between Radio and Burgers? In this episode, Ronster sits down with Monica Tobias, an award winning Radio DJ who also happens to be the owner of one of Manila's best burger joints - Sweet Ecstasy. They will also discuss the hustle of a radio broadcaster and how Monica transitioned to being a full-time Entrepreneur and Mom in her life after radio. Monica also provides us with a lot of insights and learnings on how to run a burger business in this very fun and lively episode.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. Sweet Ecstasy

  2. Radio 1

  3. BIR Crackdown

  4. Best Burgers by Esquire Magazine

  5. The Founder Movie

  6. Mar Roxas After Elections

  7. Eves Drop Podcast

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