Ep 8 - The Hustle Of A Fashion Model Turned CEO

What do fashion and business have in common? In this episode, Ronster chats with Abbie Victorino, Founder and CEO of Style Genie. Abbie will share how she started her career being a Fashion Model and how she got into the world of eCommerce. She will also discuss how she used her expertise in eCommerce to launch her startup - Style Genie. They will also discuss the difficulties and challenges of launching a fashion startup and the importance of the Girl Boss movement for women entrepreneurs.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. KYC

  2. Cash Cash Pinoy

  3. Zalora

  4. Voyager Innovations

  5. Style Genie

  6. Valenice Balace

  7. Ideaspace

  8. Sheryl Sandberg Video

  9. OIAM Natural

  10. Girlboss Movement

  11. Qrated Crates

  12. Stripe

  13. Dollar Shave Club

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