Ep 5 - The Hustle Of A Shirtpreneur

Did you know that you can put up a shirt business without any capital? In this episode, Ronster chats with James Fernando of Shirt.ly. They talked about how James started his 10 year old journey of selling shirts from high school all the way to how he was able to empower people to create shirt businesses of their own. They also discussed how Shirt.ly was able to escape "The Valley Of Death". They also talked about James' hacks in time and money management and his secret resource in tracking his progress.

Links mentioned in this episode: 


  1. Tim Ferriss - https://tim.blog/

  2. Animo Nation - https://animonation.com/

  3. Tuxedo Cat - https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/facts-about-tuxedo-cats

  4. Shirt.ly - http://shirt.ly

  5. Net Promoter Score

  6. Autodeal - https://www.autodeal.com.ph/

  7. James’ Financial Tracker : CLICK HERE

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