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Ep 20 - The Hustle Of A Startup CFO

The role of a Chief Finance Officer in a business is very important. In this episode, Ronster chats with Addi Guevarra, CFO of Advance. Addi will share his experiences as a Finance professional that prepared him to be a CFO in his own startup. He also shares why they chose to solve the problem of helping employees bridge their cashflow problems through Advance. Addi will also share key tips on how to manage your money as a startup and as an individual in this enlightening episode.

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Ep 13 - The Hustle Of A Venture Capitalist

In this very rare episode, we will get to know the ins and outs of Venture Capital. Ronster hosts Michael Lints, a Venture Partner of Golden Gave Ventures. Michael shares what a VC does in great depth like how they raise funds, who they raise funds with, how a VC makes money and what they look for in terms of funding a good startup to invest in. He also shares what he thinks the Philippine ecosystem should to improve and catch up with the region. He also shared great tips in how startups can get the attention of VCs and one can grow a network from scratch is this very packed episode.

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