Ep 1 - The Hustle Of A Fintech Startup Founder

In the very first episode of Hustleshare, Ronster talks to Magellan Fetalino, Founder and CEO of Acudeen, to discuss about his hustle as a Fintech startup Founder. They also chatted about Magellan's influences, leadership style and the secret behind his name.  

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. Acudeen Technologies - https://acudeen.com/

  2. Founders Institute - https://fi.co/s/manila

  3. Launchgarage - https://www.launchgarage.com/

  4. OKRs - https://felipecastro.com/en/okr/what-is-okr/

  5. JJ Atencio: https://ph.linkedin.com/in/jj-atencio-6256b1104

  6. Magellan’s Weekly Articles: https://www.manilatimes.net/author/magellan-fetalino/

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