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Ep 56 - The Hustle Behind Angkas

How did Angkas battle early struggles and become one of the most beloved apps in the Philippines? In this episode, Ronster chats with Angeline Tham and George Royeca, the founders of Angkas. Angeline and George will talk about their first hustles and how they eventually got together to form Angkas. They will also share the struggles they had early in their journey in battling the stigma of riding behind bikers and how they were able to generate traction early on. They will also share how they were able to bounce back after they were shut down and how they were able to scale Angkas to what it is today. Angeline and George will also share amazing tips on how to leverage Social Media and entrepreneurs should create their products in this incredibly inspiring episode brought to you by Payoneer.

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Ep 55 - The Hustle Behind Lamudi Philippines

Leading a new team after a startup failure is a very difficult thing to do. In this episode, Ronster chats with Bhavna Suresh, CEO of Lamudi Philippines, to discuss how she was able to lead Lamudi to where it is now after she failed in her own startup, Bhavna will share how she started out as a Redbull girl back in college and how she was able to join a successful startup that got acquired. Bhavna also talks about what it was like putting up her own startup and how she was able to bounce back right away after it failed. She will also talk about how expats can thrive in new environments and how can women break through the glass ceiling in this episode brought to you by Payoneer.

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