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Quickie 5: The Hustle of a Product Manager

What is the difference between a Project Manager and a Product Manager? In this Quickie, Ronster has a chat with Mika Reyes, Product Manager of LinkedIn, who discusses what it is like being a Product Manager in one of the biggest startups in the world, and why she loves it so much. She also shares her journey in startups, where it has taken her, and what she is doing next to help Filipino startups get to the next level.

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Ep 23 - The Hustle Behind Kumu

Building the Philippines’ fastest-growing social media network takes serious hustle. In this episode, Ronster chats with Roland Ros, the Founder of Kumu, as he shares how he started his hustle and how he got Dado Banatao to be his Adviser. Roland will talk about his humble beginnings, from moving to the country to pursue his passion, how he bounced back from 15 years of failures in multiple businesses he started. He is also going to share key learnings like he five key factors that Dado Banatao taught him in launching businesses that he used to grow Kumu to be used heavily by Millenials and Gen Z's in this very insightful episode.

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