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Ep 48 - The Hustle behind The Final Pitch

The hustle behind The Final Pitch is deeply rooted in the idea of paying it forward, especially in a society where the competition for greatness has incredible increased.  In this episode, Ronster chats with John Aguilar, the executive producer of The Final Pitch. John more than willingly shares the wide variety of hustles he has experienced from high school all the way up to where he currently stands. He discusses the evolution of his careers, his other business ventures, as well as the development and execution of his show The Final Pitch, which is currently at its fourth season. John also offers some valuable pieces of advice for more than just entrepreneurs, but also for public speakers and all us everyday hustlers to better our craft and ultimately strive for the best we could possibly be. This episode is powered by Payoneer and is a proud affiliate of the Podcast Network.

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