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Ep 40 - The Hustle of a Champion DJ

Consistency truly is key when it comes to the hustle of a champion DJ. In this episode, Ronster continues the nightlife series and sits down with radio jock and nightlife DJ Mark Thompson to talk about establishing his career both on radio and in the nightlife scene. Mark shares his experiences of balancing radio and DJ-ing, as well as the habits that have to be formed to successfully maintain your hustle. He offers advice that is not only fitting for rookies in his field, but go beyond the limits of radio broadcasting and music production in this very cool episode.

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Ep 39 - The Hustle of a Nightlife DJ

The hustle of being a DJ is as electrifying as the beats they produce. In this episode, Ronster chats with Patty Tiu, otherwise known for her stage name Deuce Manila, founder of Sessions Academy Manila. Being in the nightlife scene for years, Patty shares the past, present, and future plans for her career. She discusses her early experiences of DJing, along with the struggles and anxieties she had to face early in her career and how she overcame them. Considering her success with her hustle, Patty offers some tips and tricks for other DJ enthusiasts, as well as some behind the scenes preparations before performing at a gig. This episode also highlights Patty's other business ventures and projects, expanding further her career in the hopes of discovering other interests and learning new things.

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Ep 38 - The Hustle Behind

The hustle of getting acquired by Go Jek took years of failures and learnings. In this episode, Ronster chats with Ron Hose, Founder and CEO of Ron will share how he started out his hustle by being a maker and how he created his early startups that failed but taught him a lot of lessons early. He will also share how he got one of his first startups acquired and how he became a VC along with the lessons he got being an investor. Then he will share how he ended up in the Philippines and what led him to create Lastly, he will share amazing insights how it is like getting acquired and he will share tons of advice for startup people in this amazing episode.

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