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Ep 26 - The Hustle Behind Profoundly and Near Group

Creating a world-famous app that grew to 60 million users in 3 months is unheard of until Profoundly was launched. In this episode, Ronster chats with Prashant Pitti, the Founder and CEO of Profoundly and Near Group, to discuss how he was able to create apps that millions of users are using with zero marketing. Prashant will also share his journey of how he became an entrepreneur after being an Assistant Vice President of a US bank at the young age of 23. He'll also share his tips on how to create products that scale and he will reveal if Profoundly really reveals the people asking questions on the platform in this jaw-dropping episode.

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Ep 18 - The Hustle Of A Chatbot Maker

Making chatbots are not as easy as it seems. In this episode, Ronster talks to Andrew Demeter, a world-famous chatbot maker. Andrew is the Social Media Manager and Community Manager of Chatfuel, the world's biggest chatbot development platform and he will discuss what it was like having a career helping other people make chatbots while he is still a full-time college student. He also talks about how he got recruited into the Chatfuel team and what makes a good chatbot. He also shared is tactics on how he copes with his struggles and his predictions for bots in the very near future in this very educational episode.

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