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Ep 43 - The Hustle of an Ex Ad Agency Veteran

It takes more than just creativity to get through the advertising industry, and the hustle of being an ex advertising agency veteran proves it. In this episode, Ronster continues the marketing series with Eileen Borromeo, South-East Asia Marketing Head of Payoneer. Eileen shares not only her journey in the realms of advertising, but also shares what it takes for young marketing enthusiasts to make it through. She also shares how she manages to balance her personal and private life with her hustle.

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Ep 42 - The Hustle behind a Millenial Ad Agency

Bouncing back from failure in the creative industry is an extremely hard achievement. In this episode, Ronster chats with Luis Arcangel, Founder and CEO of Montgomery Fitch, to talk about how he led his team to bounce back after almost losing everything to becoming a multi-awarded ad agency led by millenials. Luis is also going to share how he started his journey as a balikbayan and the difficulties he had to face running a business and teaching as a professor at the same time. Luis is also going to share how it is to work best with millenials and how to keep top notch talent and many more in this incredible episode.

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