Ep 24 - The Hustle Behind Kickstart Ventures

The hustle to get $150 Million to invest in startups is extraordinary. In this episode, Ronster chats with Minette Navarette to discuss the hustle behind Kickstart Ventures. Minette will share how she started her career in working for multiple multinational companies to how she started working on innovation while she was with Level Up Games and Globe Telecom. She will also share the origin of how Kickstart Ventures came to be and their philosophy of how they invest and what happens during due diligence. For the first time ever, Ronster will also share what it is like working with Kickstart and the valuable lessons he learned when Kickstart invested in his first startup. Lastly, Minette will discuss in detail how the $150 Million Active Fund fund of Ayala will be invested in startups in this exciting episode.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. Level Up Games

  2. Kickstart Ventures

  3. Ronster’s Blog

  4. Ayala $150 Million Active Fund

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