Ep 35 - The Hustle Behind A Filipino Bitcoin Pioneer

Being a pioneer in a new technology like cryptocurrency and blockchain is never easy. In this episode, Ronster talks to John Bailon, the CEO of Satoshi Citadel Industries, the country's innovating company for bitcoin ecosystems. John talks about how he took the great leap from running a simple photo booth business to putting up another company out of his newly-developed passion for cryptocurrency.  He speaks about the importance of finding the right people for his like-minded team, even if they’re from different fields of experience. John talks about the highs of the business, like gaining big time funding from Kakao Talk and Cebuana Lhuiller, as well as the lows of his journey. He even goes in depth about his struggles of picking up the pieces after the cryptocurrency bubble burst in 2018.  Learn about how he continues to motivate his team to continue the hustle in this uplifting episode.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. SCI

  2. Baicapture

  3. John’s Blog

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